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White Hat Commitment

Purple Fish Marketing uses only white hat marketing techniques in building and implementing an online marketing strategy. White hat marketing means that guidelines for search engines are followed and we don't use shady or deceptive practices. The best way to build positive and strong relationships is through hard work and great content. Even though there are certain techniques that might push you to a high page ranking in search engines, those techniques may also get you banned from search results.

Black Hat marketing techniques use deceptive practices that are used to try and "game" the system to put your site higher in search engines rankings. These practices intentionally deceive the search engines by pumping up your website with content keywords instead of actually having any real content. While new techniques are constantly coming out, search engines also keep up with counteracting them. Purple Fish Marketing does not support black hat practices and encourage you to do the same. Using black hat techniques may get you banned from search results and could ruin your brand and reputation, a risk that is just not worth it.