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Know Your Market - Identifying a Target Market 

As the saying goes, you can't be everything to everyone.

It's important to identify your target market before implementing a marketing strategy. why? Because if you don't, you'll just be marketing yourself to a generic group of people and wasting potential time on uninterested groups.

Identifying your market will enable you to create a message that speaks to that group. The message you write to new parents is going to be different than the message you write for retiring baby boomers.

If you try to reach to broad of a market, then you aren't targeting anyone. Even businesses like Apple have specific target markets they are identifying for their products.

This will also help you to identify what your marketing mix should be. Depending on the demographics you're trying to reach, maybe Facebook is not the best solution, but participating in niche blogs will be far more useful.

Is Business More Ethical? 

The Internet has provided us with more information at our fingertips than ever before in history. Has this great abundance of information made business more ethical?

It might sound like it's for the wrong reasons, but have businesses had to become more ethical because they can be reviewed, put up on a pedestal and torn down just as quickly because of the power of social interactions on the Internet?

We are graced with this 'word-of-mouth times a million' era which helps build business, but it can also be to the detriment of a company.

Anchor Text and Linking - A quick tutorial 

<a href=""></a>
Anchor text is really a pretty simple thing. All it is is the text that shows up in place of displaying the full URL for a link.

For example, if I wrote contact us in the body of an article or in the content of a page, that contact us text will most likely be a link to a contact us page. Instead of showing, I simply add the anchor text of contact us which, when clicked on, brings you to the contact us web page.

Anchor text is important because its readable by search engines and descriptive to users visiting your site. You can see how your website could get very messy if you didn't use anchor text, but instead wrote out the entire URL each time.

Have Something to Say 

It's important to have something to say when you're writing content for your website or keeping a blog. When I say "something to say" I mean you should bring value to your readers. It's important to not fill your content with buzz words and keywords that you know are relevant to your topic. For one thing that's called keyword stuffing and it's not looked upon in a positive light with search engines. Secondly, you want people to return to your web site, so if the content they read is irrelevant or void of any useful information, they'll most likely never return.

So what should you write about? Well I can't really tell you that, because if your website is selling a pool cleaning service you're going to want to write about something completely different than if you are a web site devoted to feeding children in America.

Worried about Social Media ROI? 

Return on Investment (both time and money) is important to any business. In the land of social media, that metric has been hard to measure.

Google (and others, but Google is free) have made efforts to measure this more effectively. Now you can use Google Social reports to get information on who is coming to your web site through social media, how those leads are converting, and how people are engaging with and sharing your information with others.

Social Media report view from Google
(image courtesy of

Social Marketing - Top Excuses Why You Don't 

What's your top excuse for not using social marketing for your business?

If I were to make one guess it would be time. Most small and medium sized businesses don't have the time to dedicate to Social Media and Marketing on the Internet. Time is a big issue, but it's one you have to get past, because Social Media is becoming a necessity for business. Just think about it in your own life. When you are interested in purchasing something, how often do you go online to see who carries the item or provides the service, review a company or comparison shop? Most of our buying behavior now includes a stop at the Internet.

Set Goals for your Social Media Plan 

Before you jump full on into a social media plan, you want to make sure you have a clear goal.

A lot of businesses start and fail because they don't create a business plan. If a company doesn't have a business plan, they don't know if they're meeting targets and goals, they don't know the purpose of the company, and they don't know they overall vision and mission of the company. You might say, the plan is all in my head, but it's good to write it out because you want to be able to look back at it and adjust it as necessary but keeping within the bounds of why you started the company in the first place. It also helps to bring other people on board and to seek funding.

This article isn't going to delve into business plans or writing a business plan, I'll cover that more as well as writing a marketing plan in a later post. Instead, the focus here will be on a social media plan.

Internet Marketing Consulting 

Considering getting Internet marketing for your business off on the right foot this year but don't know where to start?

Being an Internet marketing consultant I can help you set up a plan and implement it as part of an overall Integrated Marketing Strategy. Remember that Internet marketing and Social Media Marketing is part of your marketing mix and that consistent branding, identity and goals throughout all of your marketing efforts is essential.

Purple Fish Marketing does not look at just the Internet Marketing portion in a silo. It is important not to ignore the rest of your marketing mix because it all ties together. Instead we will look at the big picture in order to be consistent.

Internet marketing consulting services at Purple Fish Marketing include first figuring out your needs and then developing a solution that's in line with your current marketing plan.

Facebook Pages turning to Timeline 

All Facebook pages are turning to the new timeline design this Friday, March 30th (2012.)

Some of the new features of the timeline page include:

  • Add a unique cover photo to the top of your Page
  • Star stories to make them bigger
  • Pin posts to the top of your Page
  • Add milestones to mark key events
  • Arrange views and apps below your cover

One big thing with the new timeline is that everyone coming to your page will be directed to your timeline. You can no longer set a default landing view for your page.

Get yourself ready, because one way or another your business page is changing soon.

Here is an overview of the new view, and where some of the features are:

Facebook timeline view with a highlight of the changes and placement of features

Patience Will Lead to Success 

Everyone has run into this concept at one point or another. Whether in business or your personal life, you know patience and persistence is important. With that said, it's not always an easy thing...

Sometimes you can get discouraged if you start an Internet Marketing campaign, build a new website or start a blog and don't see any results. Unless you have a huge built in audience that will immediately start following you, it's highly unlikely that you will become an overnight hit on the web. If you're starting a new website, expect it to take months to start seeing any sort of increase in traffic to your site or to see your page rank in Google start to increase.


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