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What Happens When you Stop Writing Content? - Updated 

A big part of inbound marketing is content. Not only content, but it has to be engaging and relevant content that people will find value in and want to keep reading. So what happens when you stop writing content, or when you stop writing good content?

Your website will be affected in two ways: Search Engines and Viewers.

Search Engine Graphic

Do You Have All the Customers You Want? 

Chances are the answer the headline of this post is no. Even if you’re doing well and have a ton of customers, I don’t know any business that would say they have all the customers they need or want. So what can you do to get more customers? Traditional outbound marketing, or interruption marketing, is becoming more and more difficult as people find more ways to tune out the noise. Finding a way to truly add value to a person looking for a solution to their problem will lead to better results and higher conversion from prospect to customer. So what’s the answer for adding that value and gaining higher conversions? Inbound Marketing!

Post to Your Blog at Least Once a Week 

As I write this blog post, I realize that I am breaking the very rule that I am about to tell you. Hypocritical? No, because I realize that the consistency of my blog is wrong and I need to change that. So for now, do as I say, not as I do, unless I get better with posting consistently.

So what is the point of this article? It's that you should blog consistently even if it's only once a week. When people start to blog they have big ambitions, myself included. You might have a bunch of ideas for blog posts and get a little over zealous and decide you can post to your blog every day. Well let me assure you, you'll quickly overwhelm yourself and your blog will become inconsistent at best. At worst you'll stop blogging altogether.

Don't Rule Out Paid Advertising 

Most of what I talk about on here is building your website through content, proper optimization and building links inside and outside of your website. But as I've also written that this process can be time consuming, and it's a long term results oriented strategy. It isn't a quick fix to be able to boost visitors to your site overnight. Even though this is a very important aspect of any online marketing strategy, you might also need that boost right away to get visitors and prospects to your site so they can start to buy your product or service. That's where this article comes in, don't rule out paid advertising.

The Power of Support to Drive Your Business 

Whether you're just starting a business or have been in business for a while, you probably know that you can't do everything by yourself. All too often, people try to wear too many hats, spread themselves too thin, and pretend to know it all. No one person can know it all, that's why you have employees, contractors, or other help from friends or experts.

Trying to do everything yourself is bad for a couple of main reasons. First off, you'll find that your time disappears very quickly and you'll run out of time to sustain your business, let alone grow it. If you're trying to manage the finances, run online marketing campaigns, build your website, make cold calls, put marketing collateral together for direct mail, create e-newsletters, run daily operations, find new prospects and clients, deal with billing, be the sales person, provide the actual product or service, and on and on...

Seven Must Haves to Start Video on Your Blog 

Thinking of introducing video as part of your marketing plan?

Have you started your business marketing plan for 2013 yet? If you're trying to figure out what you should introduce into your marketing plan, you might want to consider video. If you haven't done anything with social media yet, this might not be the best place to start, but then again, you might enjoy doing video more than just writing an article. Video will take more time, but once you have the basic concepts and style down, you should be able to produce them fairly quick.

Video increases the quality of your website content more than written text does, just make sure you optimize your video for SEO just like you would with regular content. It's actually even more important to do SEO for video because search engines don't know what you're saying in the video unless you tell them.

Content Idea Strategy 

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and you are all gearing up for all of the winter holidays! This week I thought I'd start with a new project to keep the creative juices flowing. The project is to create content and ideas for content so that on a rainy (or snowy) day when you have writers block, are stuffed to the brim with food and just feeling tired and lazy, and you just don't know what to write on your blog, you already have a ton of ideas. If you start now, it's even alright if you go a day or two with no new ideas, just don't get in the habit of dipping into your blog idea file all the time or you'll run out of ideas before you have time to fill it back up. So here we go:

New Business in the New Economy 

Is it more difficult to start a business now? On one hand, we are coming off of, and mostly still in, a giant recession, or as some call it, the great recession. As a result of the recession, we've seen companies scale back and become much leaner than ever before. It doesn't mean that you can't start a business in this climate, it just means you have to run it that much more efficiently and be smart about the decisions you make.

Also, in terms of starting a new business, the Internet makes the process significantly easier and cheaper than ever before in history. You can literally set up shop over night and be running your business in a day. With that ease comes a flood of people starting businesses online. So while the prospect of starting a business may seem within reach, whether it's online or offline, you still need an internet presence and you need to stand out.

The Best Time to Post | Tweet | Engage 

There used to be certain times that you could tweet or post or engage with your audience that it wouldn't just get lost in the crowd. Now this is a much more difficult proposition. Not only do you have to compete for the captive eyes of your audience, but the timing isn't exactly a perfect science. You have to experiment to see what works best for your audience and what seems to get the most reach for your specific needs.

The Marketing Naughty or Nice List 

The Marketing Naughty or Nice List Infograph

In case you can't see the infograph or want to read a little more detail, here is the text version of the Marketing Naughty and Nice List:

Naughty List

Keyword Stuffing
You might be used to stuffing a christmas stocking with lots of little things, but stuffing your website with keywords that aren't relevant to the content just to draw traffic is bad.

Link Farming
Reindeer live on farms, er... I think they do. But your website links shouldn't. Don't wear a black hat and add your website url to a link farm dedicated to just creating a long list of businesses and links with no other value.


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